vla /ə³¹lɑ⁵³/ n 1(my/our) first cousin (child of paternal aunt or maternal uncle) (我/我们的)姑母的子女;舅父的子女 | vla Pung first-born first cousin (term of address) 对老大堂兄的称呼 2(my/our) cousin's spouse (married to child of paternal uncle or maternal aunt) (我/我们的)堂表兄弟的配偶 3(my/our) brother-in-law; (my/our) sister-in-law; (my/our) cousin-in-law (我/我们的)配偶的兄弟姐妹;(我/我们的)配偶的表哥 | vlamei (my) sister-in-law (我)妻子的姐妹 > *la

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